Our Story

Did you ever notice that when you eat great food, you feel good? We did.

So in 2009, we left our jobs and opened a restaurant in Boulder, Colo. We built a neighborhood spot where eating there every day would make us happier and healthier.

At Modern Market we serve artisan fare without the pomp - simple counter service with amazing, scratch-made food that nourishes your mind and body.

We’ve got a common sense view on health. We love healthy fats and think too much sugar is a bad thing. We try to follow Michael Pollan’s advice –
"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

We cook using simple, whole ingredients purchased from farmers, ranchers and suppliers who use sustainable practices we believe in. No fake or funny business.

We have lots of tasty options no matter your mood, budget, or dietary requirement - paleo, vegan, veg, carnivore, gluten free, whatever. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, we‘ve got you covered with beautiful, delicious food for a fair price.

Eat well & feel great | Anthony + Rob

Core Values

We Care About People

We build people, not restaurants. What we do at Modern Market is unique and we need amazing teams to deliver our experience. We recognize and reward hard work and contribution from EVERY member of our teams. Our goal is to build an environment where diligent, and motivated team members can thrive.


To serve amazing, healthy food to as many people as possible.

We want our kids to grow up in a world where clean food is as ubiquitous as clean water. As we open more locations, we enrich communities by bringing them high quality food, supporting localized, sustainable, diverse supplier networks and creating good paying jobs that teach people solid life skills such as leadership and how to cook from scratch. We believe the bigger our company gets, the more good we can do and the more peoples lives we can positively impact.

Our Story - Modern Market Collage

Say Hello

Want to sing our praises? Have a bone to pick? Or maybe you're interested in a community partnership? Drop us a line. We want to hear from you no matter what.