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Eat Well. Earn Rewards. Be happy.

We’re here to simplify your life like we’ve simplified your lunch. Get the Modern Market app to pay at the register and earn rewards, all from your phone.

Some of the great rewards you’ll receive:

  • $3 off just for signing up
  • $10 back for every $100 you spend
  • A special gift during your birthday month
  • Ongoing 10% off within 5 days of last visit
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Check out our FAQs or get in touch.


How do I earn rewards when I place a take-out order via the app or online?
Step 1: Download both the Modern Market app and the LevelUp app. LevelUp powers our app and will ensure you earn your rewards. Make sure to use the same email address when signing in to both.

Step 2: Upon checkout, you’ll be asked to select your payment. Click the drop down menu and select “Pay with Modern Market App”. Once you choose “Continue” you’ll be prompted to open your app and approve the payment.
Can I earn rewards if I check out with the app but don’t pay with it?
Yes. You do not need to have your credit card linked to your account in order to earn rewards. Just scan the QR code when you check out in-restaurant, use your preferred method of payment and earn rewards
Can I use the app at your Denver International Airport restaurants?
Unfortunately our DIA locations are not currently accepting the app. If/When they do, we'll let you know.
Can I earn rewards through phone orders?
Not at this time. In order to earn rewards, please use your app in-restaurant or online.
Can I link a Modern Market gift card to my app?
Our gift cards and app are separate at this time. Your gift card is redeemable for in-restaurant purchases and online take-out orders only.
Can I earn rewards for purchases made without the app?
Not at this time. We do not have the ability to retroactively apply purchases to your account.
How do I add my birthday to my account?
If you did not add your birthday when you signed up for your account, it's simple to edit:
To update within the app, open Profile then select your birth date from the drop down menu.
To update online, go to www.thelevelup.com/login to log in to your account. Select the Account tab and scroll to the bottom of the page, then select your birthday and click Save Edits.
Why haven’t I received my birthday reward?
Let’s check a few things:
1. Have you added your birthday to your account? (If not, see above.) Was it added at least three days prior to your birthday?
2. Have you reached The Casual Diner status level and received the confirmation email?
3. Did you reach The Casual Diner status level at least three days prior to your birthday?

If you’ve achieved all of this and still haven’t received your birthday reward, give us a shout at modernmarket.com/contact.
How do I see my reward history and status?
On your home screen, click on the Rewards icon. Your reward progress appears on the first screen. Swipe left and your available rewards are listed. Swipe left again and your reward status is highlighted at the top of the screen.
How do I access my account online?
Go to www.thelevelup.com/login to log into your account.
What are the loyalty levels?
Ongoing: Spend $100, get $10 added to your account
Refer A Friend: They receive $3 once they download the app. You receive $2 when they spend $3 more.

The Sampler Level:
Receive $3 credit upon registration
Receive ongoing 10% off within 5 days of last visit

The Casual Diner Level:
Spend $100 unlock:
'Cause It's Your Birthday: Receive a $10 credit on your birthday

The Regular Level:
Spend $500 unlock:
Afternoon Delight: Receive a $2 credit toward any purchase from 2-4 p.m. every seven days
Big Shot:
Be among the first to be invited to special events and new restaurant opening activities in your area

The True Foodie Level:
Spend $1,000 unlock:
Rise & Dine: Receive a $5 credit toward any breakfast purchase valid until 10:00 a.m. every 30 days
Hydration Station: Free Modern Market water bottle and a farmer's market tote
Can I earn rewards on my catering orders?
Not at this time, but we hope to have a loyalty program for our catering customers in the near future. Stay tuned!
How do I use my rewards?
Once you've unlocked rewards, they are automatically added to your account. To use rewards, simply pay like normal using the app. Your rewards are automatically applied to the purchase and will show on your emailed receipt as 'Credit Applied.' Easy as that!
How do I view my transaction history?
Your Transaction History is located in the app.
Open your Modern Market app
Open Settings > tap Transaction History
You'll see a list showing the date and full order total of all transactions made with the app
Tap on any of these entries to view further details about the transaction such as tip, time, location, and any credit that was applied to the purchase

Additionally, a receipt is sent to your registered email address each time you pay with the app!
Can I place an online order through the app?
You sure can. Click on the “Order Now” button at the bottom of the home screen and follow the prompts.
Do I have to have the app to receive rewards?
Yes! To be eligible for rewards, you must use the app when paying.

Still have questions? More FAQs or modernmarket.com/contact.