Sweet Heat

Our new seasonal menu dropped Tuesday, March 21! On it you'll find Brooklyn-based Mike's Hot Honey, the key ingredient in our new seasonal pizza. If you like sweet mixed with a little spicy, you’ll love this new pie of ours.

Mike’s Hot Honey is chili pepper-infused and made with wildflower honey harvested from New York apiaries (a place where bees are kept). We're pretty crazy about it! 

In 2003, Mike’s Hot Honey founder Michael Kurtz first learned about the concept of chili pepper-infused honey while living in Brazil. Once back in the States, he began experimenting with honey infusions and over the next few years honed his recipe. Mike especially enjoyed drizzling the sweet heat over his favorite food: pizza. 

Mike’s love of pizza and hot honey merged when he went to work for Brooklyn pizzeria Paulie Gee’s. He was soon mixing up enough hot honey for the restaurant to use on top of their pizzas and eventually selling small batches to customers. 

Mike’s Hot Honey now serves restaurants and retailers in New York and beyond. We’re proud to partner with them and help this amazing company continue its westward expansion.