How Sweet Spring Is

The 2017 Spring / Summer menu is here and it brings the heat. From roasted cabbage jalapeño slaw on The Diablo sandwich to the warm Heirloom Rice with roasted chicken to the slow, sweet burn of the Hot Honey pizza, the new seasonal menu it hot, hot, hot!

If fresh and cool is more your speed, the Mérida salad is a kicked up take on the festive Fiesta. Don't fret about the Fiesta going away, we think you'll love the Mérida even more! 

The Diablo - grilled steak, roasted cabbage jalapeño slaw, gochujang aioli, fresh lime on ciabatta

Heirloom Rice - warm heirloom rice and split pea, roasted chicken, chili sweet potato, Cholula citrus slaw, grape tomato, cotija, avocado-tomatillo salsa, smoked crema

Hot Honey - Creminelli salami piccante, goat cheese, arugula, organic red sauce, Mike's Hot Honey

Mérida - romaine, roasted chicken, organic adzuki bean, roasted corn, pickled onion, organic blue corn strip, cotija, avocado, guajillo lime viniagrette