Deconstructing the Curry Salmon Bowl

Deconstructing the Curry Salmon Bowl from Modern Market

With heirloom rice, braised kale and a rich, warm, slightly spicy sweet potato yellow curry, the Curry Salmon Bowl is the perfect hearty dish for a cold day. It’s safe to say this gluten and dairy free grain bowl is quite the catch.

Sustainable Atlantic Salmon

Featured in two of our fall/winter menu entrees, our Atlantic salmon is sustainably farmed by Verlasso in Chilean Patagonia. It’s hormone and antibiotic-free from an all natural diet creating a pure and consistent flavor. The salmon hits our high standards for taste, quality and traceability. Read more about salmon at Modern Market.

Warm Heirloom Rice

Ancient amaranth grain is combined with InHarvest's exclusive Colusari™ Red Rice, an heirloom seed, whole-grain brown rice and multi-colored split peas. This gluten-free, whole grain rice is a complete protein (plus, it’s kosher!). You can find our heirloom rice in our Lemongrass Pork Bowl and Heirloom Rice Bowl.

Braised Kale

Kale is one of our favorite greens because it's low in calories and high in nutritional value. An entire cup of kale has 9% of your daily potassium, 133% vitamin A and 134% vitamin C.

Coconut Sweet Potato Curry

The coconut sweet potato curry found on the Curry Salmon Bowl doubles as our new, seasonal Coconut Sweet Potato Curry Soup! Trust us, you’re going to want a straw when you taste these flavors. This gluten free, vegan soup is made with sweet potato, carrot, coconut milk and a blend of herbs and spices for sweet, subtle heat.

Toasted Coconut

We toast coconut flakes in-house to make sure they’re just right. It adds a nutty, sweet taste and a little bit of a crunchy bite. This is the same coconut you find atop our Thai Coconut Salad.

Green Onion

Green onions are the perfect finishing touch for this dish, adding beautiful color, subtle onion flavor and a light crunch.

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